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Karlovac Beer Days

Come to Karlovac and be a part of the most famous Croatian beer and food festival. Enjoy great music, great beer, a rich food offer and be a part of a story that lasts for more than three decades.

See you in Karlovac – the city of encounters!

About the Karlovac Beer Days

Karlovac Beer Days are the most famous and longest-running Croatian beer and gastronomy festival and a prestigious music festival with a tradition that began back in 1984.

During the 5-day long festival, the streets, parks, and gardens of the historic Karlovac “Zvijezda” become stages, restaurants, bars, and shops that are visited by tens of thousands of visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Thanks to the diversity and richness of content, friendly hosts, and a unique location, Karlovac Beer Days is an event that puts Karlovac at the top of the list of what Croatia has to offer.

Let the Karlovac Beer Days be your destination for the best welcoming of the upcoming summer. When you go for a beer, come to Karlovac!

The performers

Dani piva are a combination of top-quality beer, fine food, great fun and outstanding music. This year, some of the biggest musical names of the Croatian scene are waiting for you. They will additionally “warm up” the atmosphere during the five warm August nights. We will publish their names soon. Follow us for more info!

TBF na Danima piva 2021.

Legendarni Željko Bebek na Danima piva 2021.

Vojko V na Danima piva 2021.

Detour na Danima piva 2021.

Z++ je prvi retfatlančanin iz grupe koji je objavio solo album 18++.

Natali Dizdar na Danima piva 2021.

Karlovački trio na Danima piva 2021.

Na Dane piva stiže nam Massimo


Karlovac Beer Days


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    Tender applications

    Public call to caterers, traders and family farms: by clicking on the link below, download the documents for applying for the tender for the lease of public areas and prefabricated buildings at the event “Dani piva Karlovac 2021.”

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